Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Week in London

1. On the train reading 'Knifes Edge' 2. In London tanning 3. Shopping UO 4.Amazing weather! 5. Shopping, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Topshop, Nike 6. More shopping, Zara, H&M, American Apparel 7. Libertys 8. Tanning out Central Saint Martins 9. Outfit of the day 10. legs, nikes 11. Ice Creamists - Covent garden 12. Starbs 13. Ice Creamists 14. Laduree 15. Shopping COS 16. Exclusive coke gold bottles in Selfridges 17. Work in CSM 18. Torch relay on Oxford Street 19. Outside Central Saint Martins 20. On my way home.

I've recently just finished a short course in Knitwear for Fashion at Central Saint Martins, I absolutely loved the whole week. The course was great and the weather was amazing! Here's just a few picture off my instagram (@clareec) that I thought I'd show to you. I'm currently putting together a collection of knit samples and extra work from the course for my portfolio so once I've done that I'll show you! C. x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lilac Love

So I did it and dyed my hair lilac/lavender and I'm so pleased I did it! Hopefully it won't fade too fast but I've bought a purple shampoo which apparently will keep the colour there if it's been dyed so fingers crossed it will. This isn't really the best picture of the colour but I've just dyed it tonight!