Thursday, 29 December 2011

Late Christmas Present.

I have never been happier to wake up to the postman when these came for me! Thank you Mama.

Jeffrey Campbell - Lita Platform Boot - Pewter Glitter

Monday, 26 December 2011


Shirt: Asos Marketplace
Necklace: Passed down

Shoes: Urban Outfitters - Creep Black Strap Heels

Monday, 19 December 2011

Top : Sparkle & Fade - Urban Outfitters
Shorts : Topshop
Belt : Vintage 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Got the Christmas feeling.

This weekend I got the Christmas feeling. 
Dressing in knit, putting up the Christmas tree and wrapping presents.

Jumper: eBay
Necklaces: Passed down from my Nana.

Leggings: DKNY

Photos taken from my iphone using Hipstamatic Disposable on Foxy X69.


I have been trying to clean up my computer and came across some more of my foundation work so thought I may as well blog it. This was my second last project in foundation and the project was 'Environment'. When starting this project we had to create two mood boards one in colour and one in black and white showing the inspiration we'd found. I decided to chose fish and sea life looking mainly at scales. It was mainly the colours I found which was my inspiration for my sketchbook. For the final piece we had to either use knit or weave and use just black and white to create pieces that could relate to fashion.


Final Boards.

One of my final ideas.

For this final idea I used chain and knitted which it. When I did this it created interesting shapes because of the knit and started to resemble fish scales. I used this as one of my final boards as well. 
This project was the first time I'd ever knitted in a project.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Photoshoot #Shirt

At the beginning of last semester the Fashion students had a shirt project. The theme for the project was Scottish Heritage. My flatmates asked me to model their shirt for them and these were some of the results. She styled this using my wardrobe, maroon converse, a vintage brown belt and my vintage Levi shorts which I dip dyed in bleach myself. The photograph had to be in the style of i-D magazine.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Knit #1

Another part of this semester was Knit. This is the one thing I've done this semester that I loved and could see myself doing for the next four years at university.
For this project I decided to chose the theme 'Afternoon Tea' and researched around tea, the cups etc and macaroons. After drawing from all three of these sections I soon realised my strongest work came from my tea research and I loved the colour palette from this section.
Working from this I started to hand knit and knit on the domestic machine to created an A3 garment front with two A5 sleeves.
Mood board for 'Afternoon Tea'.

Final Piece for Knit.

Print #1

For my Design for Textiles course one of the areas you can specialise in is print so within first year you have a four week project in this area.
I decided to chose the topic 'Dress Making' for my theme for this project and from the start I began focusing on drawing scissors, pins, and various other objects that are based around dress making. 
I personally don't think this project shows the best of my work, and after doing this project I soon realised that print isn't for me. 
But here's a few little bits of my work from my sketchbook.