Saturday, 26 November 2011


Last year I did a art foundation course at Newcastle College. 
My final project focused on 'Organic Structures', from the bones in our bodies to what we see all around us. 
My main inspiration came from the soft colour palettes I had gathered from my research and from this I started to look into natural dye. One of my main focuses within this project was knitwear. So I began dye yarns, silks and string with tea, berries and anything natural I could get my hands on. This resulted in me producing two bodysuits and four knickers and four band bras using my knit samples and making them into repeat patterns on photoshop and then digitally printing them. 
For my final piece I produced a hand knitted and hand dyed jumper which my friend beautifully modelled for me for my final exhibition.
These photos show my final exhibition shown at Newcastle college and the final image is from the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead where my work was chosen to be shown for a month there in summer and I also made scarves to sell there which are still on sale now.