Friday, 2 December 2011

Knit #1

Another part of this semester was Knit. This is the one thing I've done this semester that I loved and could see myself doing for the next four years at university.
For this project I decided to chose the theme 'Afternoon Tea' and researched around tea, the cups etc and macaroons. After drawing from all three of these sections I soon realised my strongest work came from my tea research and I loved the colour palette from this section.
Working from this I started to hand knit and knit on the domestic machine to created an A3 garment front with two A5 sleeves.
Mood board for 'Afternoon Tea'.

Final Piece for Knit.


  1. Your sketchbook looks amazing :O I love the colours used and of course the knitted bit :) I do love knitting! x

  2. LOVE IT!!!! so original.

    Hope you become a friend,

  3. Love your sketchbook! Your final knit shades are great x