Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Week in Pictures.

As you can see from these pictures my week has contained a hell of a lot of weaving, I'm not even going to deny that I have been in the weaving shed five days a week and produced six technical samples so I am pretty proud of myself! This week has been really full on with uni work but I can't complain too much considering I finish on the 30th of March and only have one exam after then, so if I'm hardly posting you know why but I'll be back before you know it! This weekend I went back to Newcastle to escape from Galashiels because it can get very boring at times when you're so used to living in a city. I have also been purchasing new things this week even though I'm skint, both of the shoes I bought and the leggings I bought were off eBay, I found some very good deals! I also bought a new lipstick from MAC because we bought my flatmate a few MAC lipsticks for her birthday and safe to say I got very jealous so had to get one for myself. 
All these photos were taken on my iphone using Instagram, my username is @clareec if anyone fancies following me. Anyway this is just a little update :) Enjoy. 


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  3. these pictures are wonderful! know the feeling of buying stuff despite being broke.... story of my life. great finds though :)

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  11. Thank you so much, it's great to know what you's are all thinking! xx