Monday, 11 June 2012


My lack of posts recently has been due to the fact I have been working non stop with the designer Paul Shriek on the costumes for a dance in Northumberland/Alnwick and it will be shown at the Olympic torch bearing in Alnwick and seen nationally on the BBC. These are just quick shots from the costumes hanging up in rehearsals today, altogether the costumes are made up of 32 separate pieces for 8 dancers. We designed together and digitally printed the fabric for the corsets/sleeves/and kilts and then the rest of the garments are dyed by hand. I absolutely love the results because they really represent the Northumberland countryside and have a rawness that is shown within the piece. I'm so excited to see the final show at the end of June and I'll keep you updated on work until then! Sorry for my lack of posts, I've just been so busy! C.x

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  1. these are absolutely amazing! i love how intricate they are! i love dress-making and this has truly inspired me.
    Great blog!
    Katie x x