Sunday, 5 August 2012

Seeing double

1. H&M top/necklace, Zara leggings, Vintage Armani (mums) denim jacket, Creepers eBay. 
2. Tie Dye jeans Urban Outfitters. 
3.Cheap Monday jeans, Silence & Noise tops UO, Vogue. 
4. Nikes mint eBay. 
5. Disco Pants AA, Converse, crop top Asos, clutch H&M. 
6. Lavender crazy colour. 
7. Hair did.

All off Instagram: @clareec

Trying to get back on track with regular blogging! I constantly use instagram and do a lot of outfit posting on it and what I've purchased, check it out! C. x


  1. Nice photos! Love the Nikes! xx

  2. You should post more pictures of your hair!

    1. I will, literally just re dyed it last night :)
      C. x